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I’m mainly a researcher and science communication writer, also a photographer enthusiast. After obtaining my MD degree in 2012, I have changed the clinical life for an approach based on direct epidemiological research focused on infectious diseases. Currently, I have been working in ecological niche modelling applied to disease mapping and to understand the ecology of pathogens. In addition, as an enthusiast of scientific communication, I worked to spread the word of science in broader audiences with the help of 'Quinto Pilar' and other institutions. 

With the conviction that the scientific approach is the most elegant and dynamic tool to assess reality, I will try to share knowledge across different areas to firmly enhance the comprehension of epidemics and the dynamics and ecology of infectious diseases. 


The philosophy behind the content of this website can be summarized in the inspiration of a long time experiment:

“In science, one of the greatest adventures is to discover a piece of reality, to engage in this amazing process in order to understand a little of the wonders around us. Is far more amazing when reality challenges us to reconsider our hypothesis, our theories, and our methods, to develop more accurate experiments to reach the truth” – 2014

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